Our Staff

The Buckley's staff is comprised of college-educated stay-at-home Moms and recent Retirees who know the area and the community well. They are smart, savvy and ready to tackle your to-do-list, and take you where you need or want to go. We pride ourselves on providing "intellectual stimulation" to our Seniors. All of our Staffers are Employees and not Contractors. This ensures that we are all Licensed, Bonded and Insured, and that all appropriate employment taxes are dealt with by us, and are not a burden to you, the client.

Many have families of their own and wish to participate in employment that gives them the personal satisfaction of enhancing the quality of someone's life while maintaining the ability to have part-time hours and a flexible schedule. Each employee naturally brings his/her own individual strengths into the lives of our clients as well. We hope that the lives of everyone involved will be enriched.

Buckley's For Seniors staff pride themselves on providing top quality service and trustworthy care.To find out more about our staff click here.

Our Quality


The founder of Buckley's for Seniors put her own name in the company title because she wanted the business to reflect her own personal standard of excellence. As an attorney, a wife and a mother of three, she knew that the kind of help working professionals need for their parents must be worry-free. Owner and founder, Buckley Kuhn Fricker placed utmost importance on finding Senior Assistants who are very much like the Adult Children who are hiring our company. Buckley's staffers are proactive, assisting our clients with both logic and care.

Our Flexibility


Buckley's only has a one-hour minimum for services and we do not have a Service Contract for you to sign. This means you can use us when you need us, and only when you need us. Want to "just" go to the store, and have us bring in the groceries? No need to try to fill 2 to 4 hours up as with many Companion Services. We provide our services for an hourly rate based upon time, with an additional surcharge for gas. No matter what service we are providing, the hourly rate is the same.