Buckley's staff has an amazing ability to smooth things out, interacting creatively at any level and in any situation while always focusing on their clients' comfort as you can see below.

When I first saw a newspaper item about Buckley’s, my first thought was: Now I can get that colonoscopy I’ve been putting off. Like other older people who live alone, I had been put off by the requirement that a colonoscopy patient be accompanied by a person - known person - who will get them home. [Planning on a reliable cab service to a nearby home would not satisfy hospital requirements.] I phoned Buckley, and I made arrangements for a Buckley person to take me home after surgery. Colonoscopy done!  Since then, I’ve relied on Buckley’s following other small procedures and surgeries. The Buckley people were always competent and caring.
Deb always has been ready to help me make arrangements, even as I was preparing for more complicated situations.
It is indeed a wonderful business; I am grateful that Buckley saw the need, and with her insight, filled this need.               EMM, Virginia


Buckley’s has, over the years, been an essential part of our family, in our most vulnerable moments. I can’t imagine how we would have gotten along without you. Liz has been a godsend. Buckley obviously had a wonderful talent for hiring exceptional people, all of you.                        Anne R-B.

I want to tell you first how wonderful your services have been for my mother.  My Mom has had more issues with keeping track of time and more confusion. I have seen these issues are all familiar to your team and have been so impressed with your team's kindness and approach in delicate situations.                                                       Mary W. MD                                              

Buckley for Seniors was a life saver for my Mom and family. They provided smart and compassionate and experienced experts to spend quality time with my mom. Alzheimer’s began taking away my mom’s memory but Buckley for Senior’s approach helped to keep her dignity in tact. They also gave me the confidence and informed support required and needed to keep helping my mom and enabled my family to keep her at home. 
Abby Spring
Washington, DC


Buckley's for Seniors was a godsend for my mother and our family as they allowed her to remain independent and active during her final years. We had tried various other options but she was particularly comfortable, being the mother of five daughters, to have the many friendly and compassionate women who drove for this company available to her. I cannot thank them enough for all they did for her, as at the time, they became part of her family. They drove her daily to church, on errands, doctor visits and to see friends and family. Just a wonderful service and company.

Georgia D., University Park, MD

My sister has benefited greatly from Buckley's since 2010; they've brought living to what would otherwise be just existing as she spends her life in an assisted living facility. I found them while my sister was in rehabilitation and asked if one of their services could be finding a home for her pet rabbit. With scarcely a pause, the response was "sure, we can do that!". They went on to completely handle the move from her apartment to assisted living. They decorated her new room, purchased required furniture and furnishings and arranged the clearing-out of her apartment. I live six hours away and no matter what my sister's needs (from doctor appointments to purchasing clothes to coordinating with the assisted living facility), Buckley's response has always been "we will do that". They offer great value for their fees and perhaps the greatest is weekly outings away from the home. Those visits range from snacks to movies and always with the same care giver. Simply, Buckley's is not just a plain vanilla provider of service--they're the full sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Trust them with your loved one!

George H., Hudson OH

All Senior Service companies can get you from A to B, but Buckley's goes to Z and beyond with attention to everything in between. That is why I turn to them time and time again. 

-Colonel Noltemeier, Potomac Falls, VA

Buckley's is a wonderful service! At first, I engaged Buckley's to help my elderly father with his computer, making doctors' appointments, and simple errands. Over four years later, Dad is still very happy with the service, and relies on Buckley's for all kinds of help - paying bills, taking his dog to the vet, arranging care for my Mom. Buckley's is trustworthy, reliable, and sympathetic. An added bonus for Dad is the intelligent conversation that he is able to have with Buckley's helpers. I recommend this service highly!

Toni F., assigned to Budapest, Hungary

Your support to me, as a long distance family member, has been invaluable. We have all found Buckley's to be Top Notch! Thank you so much for having superior services for Dad and all the seniors you serve. It is quite refreshing to have a service these days that goes above and beyond the call of duty. 
-C.B., Virginia

When my father-in-law had a blood clot removed, it ended his driving.  Even though they live in a community where there is on-site transportation, Leisure World of Virginia, sometimes it isn't enough. Bucklely's to the rescue.  The staff totally understood the problem and jumped on the situation. My in-laws now have a great additional means to get around to the doctors, shopping, dinner, etc.....

George Z., Ashburn, VA

Dad tells me when something really starts to make him anxious, like his bills piling up, he tells himself, "I'll ask Buckley's to do it." Which is exactly what I hoped he could do with your help. And as you recognize, just having some intelligent conversation is worth the price to him. 

-A.F., Arlington, VA

I'm a 60 year old single woman and use Buckley's for Seniors routinely to take me back and forth to Georgetown University Hospital for various procedures and/or tests. We've traveled through ice, snow, and rain. They've always gotten me there on time and in a good mood (from all the laughter and good conversation along the way).  I've also used this service to take me to Dulles Airport.  It's an excellent service and, though it's designed for the elderly, I'd recommend it to anyone of any age who lives alone and needs dependable transportation.

-Linda B., Clifton, VA


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